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Coombe Abbey Hotel

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The Wigornia String Quartet

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  • Just thought I would let you know that I was contacted by a couple last week solely based on my ad in you wedding magazine, and having gone out to see them they booked me to do their wedding photos.

    If it hadnít been for my ad in the magazine they wouldnít have known I existed.

    Abby Stonehall

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Coombe Abbey Hotel

Coombe Abbey Hotel, Brinklow Road, Binley, Warwickshire CV3 2AB

Tel: 0 2476 450 450 email:

Coombe Abbey is a stunning, four-star, country house hotel set in...

Cake Expectations

by Claire Bullivant

Throughout the ages, many wedding cake traditions have been baked and served to generations of wedding goers the world over.

However, the origin of the traditional wedding cake dates...

Super Shoots

by Claire Bullivant

First things first, you can maximise your chances of getting some really great shots by hiring a good photographer / videographer. So make sure you adhere to our top ten...

Floral Arrangements

by Claire Bullivant

There are never too many stunning floral arrangements at a wedding.

Itís a fact: Flower Power Rules!

A quick checklist is as follows:

Church Flowers Standing floral arrangements for either...

Wedding Traditions From Asia

by Claire Bullivant

For as long as couples have been getting married, the rites and customs of their cultures have played a pivotal role in their marriage ceremonies. As time marches forward and...